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The Zombies Are Coming….

Ok, so here’s the deal.   I love the game Plants versus Zombies.   It’s fun and silly.  It also proves to me that the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse not only WILL happen, but that I will be better prepared than most and I will most likely survive to be one of the handsome, rugged and sexually alluring leaders of the resistance.   You are welcome.

How can I be so sure?   Several reason – I am apparently excellent with a Pea Shooting Plant that can kill a Zombie with 4 peas… we are talking sharpshooter status here.  The rest of you just get behind me so I can kill.

Another reason is that I tend to be a positive person, but I still have a passionate edge.  The heroes in Zombie movies always have that rough, cowboy like edge (like I do) and they still have time to have a pre-climax (in the storyline, perv) romp with the hot girl (or guy, in my case) before roughly and edgily killing all the Zombies.   Sounds just like me, right?



Hmmmm.  I think I need to work on my cowboy-like swagger a bit.